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Husky Floor Liners

( Keep your carpet from smelling like diesel exhaust )

Diesel owners really need SOMETHING over the carpet to prevent fuel station gunk from being tracked into the carpet, and the Husky does a good job of protecting the floor.

The Husky liner in the photo above has been in my truck for over six years and except for a few scuff marks they look almost new. They clean easily, fit well, stay in place, and hold a lot of gravel, manure, snow, and mud. American Metal provided mine back when few suppliers had accessories for the new Ram. Now, the liners are available from many sources.

I did have a slight problem with insufficient throttle travel due the combination of a throttle cable that was too long, and the added thickness of the floor liners. Diesel owners who have floor liners and complain of low power should check to make sure the throttle is opening completely. A longer spring on the accel pedal end of the throttle cable cures the throttle travel problem.  

Comments from others:
Subject:    Re: DiRT: Husky floor liner question...
Date:        Tue, 22 Sep 1998
To:           DiRT

> I just placed my order for Husky floor liners for my truck. They appear to
> be of a decent quality. Anyone have first hand experience with them?

From:       Jeff <jeff@paradox.nol.net>
I've had them for about 4 months now.  They are very durable.  You kinda have to mold them into shape with heat, the Texas summer sun inside my truck worked fine for this, otherwise use a hairdryer or heat.  Cleanup is easy, just take them out and hose down.  They cover just about all the places your feet would go, except the trans hump area.  The back one comes in a 2 piece set, fronts are one for each side.  Overall, I'm extremely glad I got mine.  Jeff

From:     "Jason Eberhard" <jeberhard@edgenet.net>
I love them. They are great. Easy to clean and work really well to keep the must/salt/sand/snow off the carpet and best yet they don't move! When I wash my truck I take them out and give them a quick hosing. They still look fairly new after a year. When you first get them they may not mold exactly to the floor after sitting in a box for however long. But if you lay them down and find out where they aren't quite perfect, just slightly bend the material (not enough to crease it) and then they will fit snugly into the floor. Jay

From:     Sandspurs@aol.com
I have had mine for 9 months and 14k miles.  They work great, my only problem is that since they are slick on the bottom they sometimes slide a little when getting in and out of the truck.  Other than that they really help save the carpet. Eddie

From:    "Jerry Anderson, Jr." <jerrya@exit109.com>
I have a set of husky floor liners in my RAM. I like them... they do just what they were purchased for... to keep dirt, grime & other assorted stuff off the rugs. And they do that pretty good. Jerry Anderson, Jr.  98 RAM SS/T

From:    lance33@webtv.net (travis)       Great product!  

From:    "Paul R. Haller" <phaller@uclink4.berkeley.edu>
I have them in my 2500 diesel and I like them. They fit well and they are durable. They will hold a lot of liquid and grime. Just pull them out and shake 'em and your done. My only complaint is that I ordered gray to match my interior but gray shows the dirt ground into the plastic. If I were to do it again, I'd order black.  -Paul R. Haller-

Subject:    Dirt: Husky floor liner -> fixing sliding
Date:        Wed, 23 Sep 1998 22:51:00 -0700
To:           <Dirt@moab.off-road.com>

> They work great, my only problem  is that since they are slick on the bottom
> they sometimes slide a little when  getting in and out of the truck.

From:       "Tim B" <timb@epix.net>

I got some cheap clear carpet runner with the soft spikes and cut them to
the shape of the husky liners in the front.  I then glued them (spike side
down of course) to the underside of the husky liners to give them grip.
Works pretty good, no more sliding.  The only trick is finding a glue that
does plastic and vinyl.  I found some that works OK at WalMart, can't
remember the brand.

Tim B

From:         FOURWHL960@aol.com

> The only trick is finding a glue that  does plastic and vinyl.  I found
> some that works OK at WalMart, can't  remember the brand.
Try spray contact adhesive which I've recently seen at Wal Mart in the
automotive section or from a hardware store.   Dave