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Dynomax 4" Race Muffler
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While the Ram's stock exhaust system is adequate for diesel power levels below 275 hp, fuel mileage and EGT can be improved by installing a less restrictive muffler.  I chose the $32 Dynomax 4" race muffler from Summit Racing to replace the OEM muffler.  

Muffler Removal

This truck is over 5 years old and the muffler and exhaust pipes were married for life. You can cut the pipes with a saws-all (leaving the pipes shorter), use a cold chisel to split the muffler inlet and outlet pipes (tedious at best, this usually results in skinned knuckles and rusty metal in your eyes), or... the hard way!
Grab the handy air chisel - $12 from Northern and well worth every penny. It peels open rusted exhaust systems in a few seconds. 

BTW: When I was tearing down a barn, the air chisel quickly turned into my favorite nail puller. It has also been used to de-head 55 gal drums, break cast iron plumbing pipes, pop tie rod ends loose, drive out rusted bolts, remove door casings, and perform many other strange tasks it was not designed to do.  IMO every workshop should have one.

air chisel
the easy way!

The OEM muffler vs. the Dynomax replacement

 inlet viewoutlet view side view
The Dynomax muffler is considerably smaller.

Installing the Dynomax Muffler   

A notch was cut into the muffler flange to fit the exhaust pipe
Muffler installed - looking toward front of truck.
Finding a 3" to 4" adapter was the hardest job. There was no off-the-shelf adapter available and few shops could handle 4" pipe. The local United Muffler builds exhaust systems for race cars and had no trouble welding a low cost adapter. The 4" to 3" adapter and SS band clamps.
Completed installation - Looking toward rear of truck.


So I finally bolt this thing together and take it for a test drive. When I return:
Sue:    Well, how loud it is now?
Me:     It has a satisfying low frequency rumble at idle.
Sue:    How loud is it on the road?
Me:    Not much difference - maybe a little louder when cruising, considerably louder when you get into the throttle.
Sue:   Then it will be loud!

In actuality, there is little difference with the windows closed. With the rear window open, well.... :-)

The owner of the shop that made the 4" to 3" adapter also owns a Ram with a performance muffler and claims his fuel economy improved by 1 mpg. While I have not seen much improvement (might if I could keep my foot out of the throttle), EGT has been lowered by 50 degrees and where I previously needed to idle for 30 seconds in my driveway to reach 300 degrees, now the temperature has dropped by the time I get backed into my parking spot. YMMV



Last update May 7, 2001