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Diamond Truck Body - Utility Bed
  Custom manufactured to fit a Grandby Fourwheel Camper slide-in on a 94 Dodge Ram
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Background on my truck body from Diamond

Sue and I needed a utility bed that would fit a slide-in camper, but there were few low profile beds available and the unique step in the side of the Fourwheel camper would not fit a standard off-the-shelf utility body. While I was discussing options and my desire to use their camper on a utility bed,  Fourwheel Camper told me that Diamond had built several custom modified beds for Fourwheel camper customers. After talking on the phone with Mike Wutzke of Diamond, I was convinced that their body was a good product and they had enough experience to modify their body for the camper. 

Since 1978, Diamond Truck Bodies have been engineered and manufactured to serve a wide range of specialized needs in many industries.  Their truck bodies are equipped with many HD and rugged features for rigorous field service. The design staff uses the philosophy of  "Form Follows Function" to produce a well fitting body with useful storage spaces, well sealed doors, and an excellent 3 point locking mechanism. After several conversations about options, modifications, wheel well size, color, and dimensions I ordered the bed on September 24, 1998 with a delivery date (set by the Camper delivery time) of  Nov 16, 1998. I checked back with Diamond periodically and each time John was happy to give me a progress report. By late October, the bed was painted and waiting for me.

The specifications for our bed were:

Dimensions will be posted as soon as  I can draw them.  I will also post photos of the various details mentioned in the specs.
The installed bed
Rear Box Photo Cross Box Photo Front box Photo

Three boxes on each side provide lockable storage.

Diamond Bed Installation

Sue and I arrived early in the morning on Nov 16, and the installation crew was waiting for us. The bed looked well finished and sturdy. I was impressed with the quality of the hardware and door fit. Our original bed and bumper were removed and the frame was trimmed slightly with a cutting torch.

The new bed was lowered onto the frame, squared,  and bolted into place. The original filler neck was removed and the neck was shortened. A longer filler hose reconnected the filler neck and the neck was attached to the utility bed. Turn signals, brake lights, and running lights were spliced into the original wiring connectors from my old bed. These connectors were plugged into my chassis wiring harness.  Retaining the OEM connectors will make it easier to raise or remove the bed should other modifications require access to the frame.

A new rear bumper, included with the bed, was installed to protect the rear of the truck and bed while I design and build a winch bumper.
Bed swap pictures - click photo for a 640X480 image (30k to 50k )
The Diamond bed was ready when we arrived
My bed is unbolted and removed
up, up and away!
The Ram frame
Need a good used bed?
Trimming the frame
Lowering the new bed
The extra 300 lbs did not set the rear down with my helper springs firmly adjusted
Squaring the bed to the body
side steps closely 
match camper
camper sides for which 
bed was designed

Standard Features of the Diamond Truck Body Line

Galvanized steel throughout
Recessed Chrome T-Handles
Nylon insert hinge Blocks
Stainless steel Recessed fuel filler pocket
Chrome wheel well trim
under seal
3 point locking system
Adjustable shelving
One hand operation of doors and tailgate
Double panel doors and tailgate
Rubber mounted, seal beam tail lights
Acrylic urethane paint with high solids
Repair parts are available in the event of damage from accidents.
3 year comprehensive warranty including coverage for  rust, locks, hinges, fixtures, and load bearing shelves

Diamond Truck Body Co. 1908 E. Fremont St Stockton,  CA  95205 1-800-308-8782 (209) 943-1655
FAX: (209) 943-0805

Photos of Diamond's Fabrication Shops

Bill Swails' original Earthroamer 2500 4X4. With a Diamond utility  bed, Fourwheel camper, Denver Off-Road Winch bumper,  Warn M12000, and BFG MT's. Bill has since replaced the bed and camper with a Safari Vehicles camper.


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