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Camper Awning
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One of the options available from FourWheel Camper is a side awning. We weren't sure that it would be overly useful, but after seeing some in action, we decided that an awning would make food preparation more pleasant in hot or rainy weather. Adding tarps to enclose the awning area provides privacy and helps retain heat when we are taking showers.

Awning extended The Catalina 2500 Awning from Camping World was glued (with industrial construction adhesive) to the camper side and 24 stainless steel machine screws were driven through the back of the awning body into the camper frame. This is the same awning used by FourWheel. I don't know how FourWheeler attaches their awnings, but ours is there for life. We had to move the camper-top latches to install the awning.
Awning with banner attached A Cummins/Dodge banner from the 1999 TDR rally makes a convenient enclosure for the awning. Industrial velcro and bungie cords attach the banner to the awning frame. The banner covers the front and side, leaving the rear open. Bet we won't see another like it!
Rear 3/4 view of awning with banner Rear view of the camper, awning, and banner.

This system worked very well for us during our two month trip to Alaska in 2000. We used the awning much more frequently than I had expected.



Last Update: May 16, 2000