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Window Awning Frames
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The windows of the Four wheel camper are covered on the outside by a roll-up flap, which is held in place by Velcro. Simple wooden frames with Velcro fasteners can convert these flaps into awnings for protection from sun and rain.

Folded unfolding, the shorter legs reverse over the top of the long leg assembled and ready to install on the camper The window awning support frame uses a piece of a tubing for the top hinge, four pieces of wood for struts, and three small brass hinges. To go from folded flat to assembled into a 4 configuration, the shorter legs "reverse" over the top of the long leg.

This frame was constructed from strips of 1"x1/4" poplar, small brass hinges, Velcro, and a short piece of vinyl tubing.

Velcro attaches the frame to the camper and holds the pieces together when the frame is folded for storage. When the frame is folded or unfolded, everything reverses to the other side of the long leg.

Awning extended The photo on the left shows my first version of the awning frame. Two pieces of wood connected by a hinge made of vinyl tubing, and a 1/4" dowel strut form a figure 4 when opened and connected. These worked OK, but needed to be longer with more Velcro to resist wind, and the dowel rods were always getting lost in the storage bin and they were difficult to insert into their mounting holes in wet weather. This model was replace by the folding version above, which uses hinges and remains in one assembly when folded.



Last Update: May 16, 2000