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Dodge Ram Front Winch Bumpers

Reunel Manufacturing Co.
1781 Colusa Hwy
Yuba City, CA 95993

800-338-2077 or 916-674-9622

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click for full size photo I copied this picture of my truck from the now defunct Off Camber Crawlers page.
Photos below were taken at two separate locations along the Alaska Pipeline

From our 1996 vacation photos. My Wife Sue is 5'9" for size reference. Hella 220 fog lights hang below the bumper.

Side View with the fog lights folded back under the bumper. With the Skyjacker springs and Dunlop 255/85R16 tires, the truck sits approximately 2.5" higher than stock.
Reunel on a Ram 1500 with stock springs from Brad Beerman's page
James Langen's F350 PowerStroke displays the Reunel tool mounting system.  

James has a full review of the extreme duty Reunel front and rear bumpers. Includes pictures, pricing, and contact information. 

Photo copied from Jay Lester's Ford Diesel Website. Click the photo to go to the Reunel information there. 

General Information

Installed: 11/23/95, 20353 Mi, 578.0 Hr

   Reunel ( 1-800-338-2077 ) builds extreme duty bumpers for trucks and sport-utes. Their Dodge Ram bumper is heavy, expensive, and looks much better than one should expect from a bumper that can take on a moose.  If you call Reunel they will send information and a picture of a Ram with the bumper installed. Their picture did not do justice to their bumper, and they said they planned to make a better picture for the future.  The down side is cost ($1050 shipped to VA in 1996) and weight (320 lb + 130 lb more for the winch). Mine has the optional brush and headlight guards and looks like the bull-guards you see in Australia. The headlight guards are made of solid steel bar, not tubing!

   The Reunel bumper does not hang down lower than stock,  adds 4" to the length of the truck, and is beveled on the bottom to maintain the approach angle. The approach angle is SLIGHTLY compromised by the bumper.

   I have picked up the front of the truck including a slide-in-camper in the bed (4600 lb front axle load) by the bumper and I am convinced that animals and small cars don't stand a chance against it. It cost me 1 mpg in weight and wind drag.

   As far as service goes, they were easy to talk to on the phone, took time to explain things, and delivered a quality product. My only installation problem was a few missing a few nuts, which I bought locally and didn't bother to call them about.

July 25, 1999

A Virginia Ram owner purchased a Reunel bumper for his truck in April 1999 and found that his M12000 winch would not bolt to the bumper because the winch mount plate was not square to the bumper face. Reunel's response was basically "tough luck".

Also - the fog lights Reunel sold with the bumper were physically too large to fit the optional lighting holes in the bumper face when a Warn M12000 winch was installed. The owner had to buy smaller lights locally to fit in the space available and use the expensive lights shipped with the bumper for something else.


From David DeHaven on the RTML: I found a dealer in the Bay Area who sells Reunel stuff: Campway in Palo Alto on El Camino (the lot with all the camper shells). And their prices are decent and service is great. They keep Reunel bumpers in stock in their warehouse and can install them for you.


First, I had the bumper shipped to my job and it came in a BIG (3' x 3' x 7') crate on a flatbed truck. We used a fork lift from the shop to move the crate from the flatbed to my pickup bed.  At home, Sue and I removed the top from the crate, and used my front end loader (FEL) and a chain to move the crate and bumper to the ground. A tractor with a boom pole or a tree and come-along would also work.

Reunel no longer ships in a wooden crate because the plywood was expensive and except for the paint, the bumper did not protection. Reunel now ships in a cardboard "box" with some wood framing members, and they say that damage claims have not increased. 
The bumper was unbolted from the crate and using the FEL, we lifted the bumper and set it on the ground. A Warn M12000 winch will not fit between the bumper and the truck frame (A theft resistant advantage), so the winch was bolted on before the bumper was attached.

I did an on-the-ground hardware check and found that my hardware bag was missing several nuts. A trip to the local hardware was much easier with the truck intact. Always check your hardware before beginning a truck add-on.

Removing the stock bumper was a simple matter. The new bumper (with winch) was then raised with the FEL and the truck was driven forward to meet the bumper. After starting all of the bolts that matched existing holes, I drilled the frame for the 4 extra bolt holes and started the remaining bolts. With a hi-lift jack, we adjusted the bumper into alignment with the hood and fenders, and tightened the bolts with a torque wrench.

As the FEL was released, the front of the truck settled about 0.75".

The bumper installation was fairly simple, but I have two tractors for heavy work. A tractor and boom pole, or a tree, tripod, or swing set with a hoist of some kind is essential. I wouldn't have tried to pick up an unwieldy 480 pound bumper assembly with jacks and then crawl underneath it to put in bolts. The brush guard makes a handy lift point. My wife Sue and I completed the work in our driveway in three hours.

Several weeks later, to preserve my wheel travel with the bumper and a camper, I installed Skyjacker 2" springs and shocks. These springs put the front 1.25" higher than stock with the truck empty, and squash to 0.75" higher when the truck is loaded to 10000 lb GVW. The skyjacker springs appear to be made from the same stock as the Dodge 039 front spring and are pitched to provide a progressive rate.

With the 255/85 tires, I am 2.5+ inches above stock height. The Reunel bumper is a very strong piece of steel that will bend the frame horns if I hit anything solid enough to stop the truck. Small trees are no problem, but do scratch the paint and fold back my fog lights as I run over the tree. :-)

UPDATE January 1998 - To strengthen the frame, I added the Dodge tow hooks in December 1997. They came with very stout brackets that neatly sandwich the frame between the 1/4" plate of the hook bracket, and the 7/16" plate of the bumper bracket. The hook bracket also adds four more bolts to the frame area at the bumper mount. This should strengthen the bumper to frame connection.  The retail price of the Dodge tow hooks is $136, and even if you can't get a discount they are worth the money. PHOTOS of the tow hooks

January 15, 1998 - Before the tow hooks were installed, the bumper would shake or vibrate with about a 1/4" amplitude at the top of the brush bar while driving on gravel roads or rough pavement. Since adding the hooks, bumper shake while driving has almost disappeared completely.

FWIW: If you order a front bumper, you might wish to get the rear bumper also.  Originally I felt that if I had it to do over again, I would have added a rear bumper to the order because the second bumper would have been shipped in the same crate for free. When I removed my truck bed and installed a Diamond utility bed, the Reunel bumper would not have fit, so now I am happy that I had kept the OEM bumper which was replaced by the utility bed bumper.

      I visited Reunel while on vacation in November of 1998. They have a lighter weight bumper available for those who don't need the standard bumper (made of of 1/4" formed plate) for maximum strength.   Reunel claims that their lightweight bumpers offer superior strength over the competition.   Call Reunel if you need a lighter bumper and were looking elsewhere.

Reunel also has replacement wings and other parts available for anyone who has damaged a Reunel bumper (hitting what??? I wanted to know - they have some interesting pictures and stories!).

Comments from Aaron Wood   Boulder Creek, CA (Santa Cruz Mtns)

I've got a Regular Cab shortbox, 119" wheel-base, 5.9L... Smallest ram you can buy. Lightest springs, I bet, too.

I didn't notice much in the way of MPG loss with the bumper, and the engine didn't notice it. What DID notice it were the front springs and the brakes... The front is a good inch lower than it was before, and definitely should be running stiffer springs. But with a 3" lift-kit, I'm not too worried about rubbing, although with my 315/75R16 Goodyear MTRs, I am getting some rubbing on the inner fender liners.

I have RWAL, and the installation of the Reunel has made them useless. With even more of a disparity between the weight on the front and rear axle, a quick stop will yield a lock-up, and RWAL will go off, and front braking pressure will drop... Truck just doesn't want to slow down. One quick pump to reset the RWAL system, and I have brake pressure back, but I'd rather not have to "pump" during a hard stop on dry pavement.

The addition of 200 pounds behind the rear axle greatly calms the truck down. A rear Reunel will be my fix for the problem. The extra weight in the rear of the truck should help it keep traction while braking.

Jim Foster's Reunel Rear  Bumper Comments

Subject:     Re: [RAM] Bumper on Ram
Date:         Wed, 10 Dec 1997 13:19:57 -0500
From:        Jim Foster <>
To:            RTML

At 12:27 AM 12/10/97 GMT, you wrote:
> Why after we pay $30k+ for a great truck to they insult us with a TIN BUMPER.
> One little tap and it gets all out of shape and must be replaced...
>I tapped a little dear going 30 mph...   $1500 damage... Head light and bumper...  :(

I agree.  I lightly tapped a 6" tree while backing up and the tin bumper pushed right into my fender.  I was not a happy camper and my mood got worse when I heard the $500+ replacement cost for the flimsy rear bumper. So I got a manly bumper from Reunel that looks great, is MUCH stronger than stock and was less money.  The bumper itself is great, although Reunel was a little shoddy in some of the details.  But, all in all, I've very satisfied with the bumper.


--Jim Foster -
RAM 2500 Cummins


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