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TrueTrack Differentials
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Date: Thu, 6 Mar 97 10:26:58 EST

Subject: RE: [RAM] lockers

Vs. a limited slip differential, the True-Trac is a different animal.  Instead of clutch packs, it uses gears to bind the differential.  Virtually wear proof, this unit keeps its full action across the life of the unit.  The true-trac is virtually an open diff while in normal use, but when one wheel wants to significantly travel faster than another, the forces inside the diff force the gears against the case and literally bind them in the process.  Ideal for front end applications, and where drivability is a must.  

Jay Barden's Tru-Trac Comments

Jay is the only person I know running a Tru-Trac Differential in the front axle of a Dodge Ram. In 2000, after years of hard use, Jay's Tru-Trac failed and was replaced under warranty. His comments to the mail list:

Subject: Re: [RAM] Tru-Trac (was Axle Disconnect and Lockers)
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 16:23:20 -0400

I'm using a detroit TRU-TRAC in the front axle and have had no problems with it for the last year & a half. No drag or noise at all. This is an all gear limited slip diff. there are no friction ie. clutch discs to wear out. I give it an a+ while using it off road.

> How difficult was the installation?

I had DTS of Warren, MI do the install for me.

> What is a ballpark cost for the tru-trac and its installation?

It was installed as part of a package, TRU-TRAC, 4:56 gears, all bearings, seals up front, TRAC-LOC, 4:56,carrier, all bearings, seals in CC 9.25 rear. The whole deal cost 1,440 "ouch" dollars. I think it was about $400 for the TRU-TRAC.

> Does your front driveshaft spin in 2WD?

The front shaft doesn't spin in 2wd

> Has the tru-trac affected the 2WD to 4WD shifting (ie: smoothness and speed of engagement or disengagement)?

There was no change in speed or smoothness of 4wd engagement. "still fast and easy.

> Does the tru-trac induce torque steer in low traction 4x4 conditions? How much power does the tru-trac apply to the wheel with traction when the other wheel has little or no traction ie: how much can one wheel spin before the diff "locks"?

Torque steer hasn't been a problem, there is a slight pull if you catch a hard spot while in soft sand or mud but it's nothing to be concerned with. I really can't say what the torque split is but i can tell you that when I hang one wheel in the air and it's still spinning a light tap on the brake pedal sends all power to the wheel with traction.

> How many miles do you have on the tru-trac? Has your dealer hassled you over warranty issues?

I've got about 20,000 trouble free miles on it so far. My dealer hasn't given me any trouble when it's been in for service and i've got a suspension and body lift, sway bar removed, K&N, CC Performance computer, 35" tires. They actually like it !!

> Has your tire wear been affected by the Tru-Trac?

No abnormal tire wear.

> Any tips or quirks that you can pass on to others?

Like I said i'm pleased with the tru-trac. I wanted a locker but don't like the way they handle up front. Hope this gives you a little insight into the TRU-TRAC feel free to ask more. Jay Barden AKA Googetter on IRC


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