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Auxiliary Backup Lights

Adding Grott rubber tractor lights to the hitch receiver for for safer backing.

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Installed: 03/05/96, 21805 Mi, 624.3 Hr

The driver side light is bolted directly to a hole drilled in the trailer plug bracket.
rear view
top view
The passenger side light is bolted to an aluminum L bracket that is
attached to the hitch with a hose clamp.
rear view
top view

My lights are wired to a separate switch in the cab for backing or hitching to trailers in the dark. For best light output, take a ground wire directly to the light.

These tractor lights are available from farm suppliers, auto parts stores, 4X4 shops, and mail order suppliers like Northern.. The lamp consist of a 35W sealed trapezoidal beam lamp in a rubber housing attached to a steel mounting bracket. Each light costs about $10 and is amazingly durable for such a low price. I have replaced several that were damaged by impact over the 7 years they have been on the truck.

An alternative is the $12 Hella 90610 on Sue' truck, which is similar but uses a 55W H3 halogen bulb for considerably brighter light. There is a pair mounted high on the back of my camper. The Hella lamp is available from Ohio Light Truck Parts in Dover, Ohio.


Last update May 4, 2001