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Last Update: April 1, 1999
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 Transmission Comments From the Survey Forms

Automatic Transmission
thats what i can drive

The automatic was able to tow more weight and we tow a bass boat several times a week.

Just wanted an automatic for towing.

I bought an automatic because after 60 some odd years of shifting gears on trucks etc. I became lazy and thought my left leg deserved a rest.  No more, no less.  I don't like all the slippage the auto gives, but I guess there has to be some trade offs.

Had a straight shift, but had back problems and chose automatic

I bought an automatic for two reasons... first, both of my cars are sticks, and for the truck I wanted an automatic... towing ease and stuff.  The second reason is that I bought a used truck that was a great deal, and didn't really have a choice.  I'd have still bought the truck had it been a 5-speed.

i didn't like the 5speed and didn't want to burn any clutches.

I learned to drive on a farm, with manual transmissions, thus, do not know how to drive them.  I thought "riding" the clutch at stop lights was proper.  That, along with other bad habits from the farm tend to burn up clutches and transmissions.  Also, when pulling, an Auto will quit before it breaks, usually, where as a manual will try till you wreck it.  If I were using my truck on a farm, it would be a manual, but I'm not, so it's not.

I pull a 5th wheel. Auto is easier

Was tired of a stick, wanted an automatic.

Would have preferred the manual.



Convenience and towing capability. I have always had manual transmissions before because I thought they were better, but the automatic has spoiled me.

manuals are inconvenient

Had two previous manual trucks, chose an auto for travel, also with the Cummins I have all the power needed to pull my Travel Trailer (31ft Jayco with slide-out).

Manual Transmission

Reliability and price of repairs. I have heard too many horror stories about the automatics in the heavy duty trucks.
I have always preferred manual transmission over automatics. I feel i have better control especially going over the mountains with a load.

Heard about problems with automatics behind deisel engines.

I made sure i drove both before I ordered mine. 24V with the 5 speed rocks.

Never considered an automatic. Wanted the better control, economy, and useable power of the 5 spd.

I prefer manuals - fun to drive.  The more gears, the better.  No maintenance, no heat concerns.

My whole family (wife and daughter included) insisted on a stick.  We haul horse trailers a lot.  There is no better alternative for extended trailer towing than a manual transmission.  The engine is more powerful with the manual.  In addition, the manual transmission is more reliable.  Had the 6 spd been more available, I would have that, 5 spd is fine.

the company i work for has had too many prodlems with automatic transmissions blowing up on the diesels, and i dont mind the manual trans. anyways

Bought manual because more power for less money and reports of auto transmission failures.

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