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Ram Owners Survey

Survey Results and comments to Mail Lists


Why did you buy a


 Manual Transmission



 5.2L V8 

 5.9L V8 



 "V10 vs Diesel" Wars 

Raw Data from the survey - cleaned up and formatted. This will be sorted into a table after it is compiled. I have over 400 responses to post, and more arrive daily. I WILL get them all posted!

1998  2500  MAN  ISB bought=new
07trucks owned:=Dodge  Ford
why ram:=I chose the dodge because of the cummins diesel. I have had both ford and dodge
diesels. The cummins seems to be much more reliable.It is a much more simple design and makes mountains of low end torque. I like the power stroke, But it is too computer dependant. too many sensors, too complex. I have friends with them and some have had problems with " half starting". I won't try to explain that. No big deal.  As for GM diesels, FORGET IT.I have a friend that has had 6 injector pumps in 92000 miles. Come on GM, you can beat that...  I just can't say enough about the cummins. This is my second one, And NEVER anytrouble yet...    Markp53344@aol.com

truck name=biggen   1997  1500  2WD  AUTO  V6  bought=used
trucks owned:=Other
Why =its just cause of price

1999 transmission=MAN ISB  bought=new
trucks owned:=GMC

name=THE DODGE   1998  1500  2WD  AUTO  5.2V8  bought=new
trucks owned:=None
Why=We test drove chevys before buying the Dodge but all my Dad would accept was the DODGE because of it's great looks and power.

1996    2500    2WD    AUTO    12V diesel    bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge    GMC    why ram:=I liked the Cummins Diesel. Liked the looks of the truck. Ride is great

1995    2500    4WD    MAN    V10    bought=used
trucks owned:=Chevy    Dodge    Ford    Toyota
why ram:=I think the chassis is much better than the GM trucks. The ride is better than the Ford. The looks are great. I like solid axles on trucks.
Scott B.

truck name=Truckasaurus
1998    2500    4WD    MAN    12V diesel    bought=new
trucks owned:=Ford
why ram:=Fords and Chevys are junk.

95    2500    4WD    AUTO    12V diesel    bought=used
trucks owned:=Chevy
why ram:=best diesel engine on the road, not to big like the ford and much longer lasting than chevy. but if chevy puts the CAT in their trucks the jury may have to stay over nite on this one. The layout of dodge diesels is one of the cleanest in the industry.

1994    1500    2WD    AUTO    5.2V8    bought=new
trucks owned:=Ford
why ram:=I bought my truck in 94, saw the dodge on the tv commercial and fell in love with the looks and design. The Saftey features was the sure sell for my wife, me, the looks!

truck name=big blue
1995    2500    4WD    5.9V8    bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge
why ram:=dodges are tough trucks, easy too work on and the body styles are best looking.

1997    1500    4WD    AUTO    5.2V8    bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge
why ram:=Styling preference

1995    2500    2WD    AUTO    12V diesel    bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge    Ford
why ram:=First, Know the product.  I aquired several years worth of truck pamphlets and studied them at length. If you are on the net you can go to Edmunds.com or similar site and figure out exactly what the vehicle you want costs, both the dealer and suggested retail.  If you know this beforehand you can get a great deal.  This information is also available at many bookstores, and can be used at the dealer.  LET THEM KNOW YOU HAVE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!  Be sure to read the "how to buy a car" section in these books as they point out a lot of details most don't know about.
  I have always had good luck with Dodge's and so I am sticking with a good thing. Also, salesmen.  I have talked to incompetent salesmen and have walked out.  They are selling the product, that is their job, and they should know the product.  If the salesmen doesn't know the car they are selling at least as good as I do, I leave.  Mean, maybe, but if I am paying them over 28,000 dollars, they better know the answers.
  Advantages-- Price, and Dodge owners tend to want a work truck, and that is what Dodge gives them.  Ford follows the crowd in looks.  Doesn't everybody love the Ford T-100, and the ------ Over Rebuilt Dodge that Ford is selling?  Last- fuel economy with reliability.  The Diesel option paid for itself in fuel savings in 40,000 miles.  Yes, I burned approximately 4,000  gallons of fuel less than a comparable gas burner.

1998    2500    2WD    AUTO    12V diesel    bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge        Ford
why ram:=I have always wanted a Dodge, mainly because of the Cummins. All G.M. sucks big time. And only Dodge offers the Cummins engine

truck name=Bluie Louie
1997    2500    4WD    AUTO    V10    bought=new
trucks owned:=Ford    GMC
why ram:=Have wanted a "new" Ram since they came out in 94. Finally could afford one. Looks, followed by strength/reputation of Dodge trucks led my decision.

1998    1500    4WD    AUTO    5.9V8    bought=new
trucks owned:=Chevy    Dodge    Toyota
why ram:=I chose the RAM because I liked the styling, looks, size of the cab. Also, I was looking for a tow vehicle and thought the RAM would be good for towing.

1998    2500    4WD    AUTO    V10    bought=used
trucks owned:=Dodge    Other
why ram:=The Ford Super Duty ran a close second.  The Dealer made the difference.

97    3500    4WD    AUTO    12V diesel    bought=new
trucks owned:=Ford
the cummins turbo
heelcatchr @aol.com

93    D250    2WD    MAN    12V diesel    bought=used
trucks owned:=Dodge
why ram:=   I bought the dodge truck to get the Cummins engine. I think ford  makes the better truck.

truck name=Ramboy
1996    2500    4WD    AUTO    V10    bought=new
trucks owned:=Ford    Toyota
why ram:=I had a Ford F250 with a 460 prior to buying my Dodge. There was just no comparison as far as ride, power, creature comforts etc. The only problem I have with the truck is the stiffness of the transfer case operation and the fact that it runs on vacuum. During really cold weather which we frequently get here in Colorado, it takes a while to lock in. The only other problem is finding a good set of stiff shocks for the front end that won't allow the tires to bounce on curves. Otherwise, it is the best truck I have ever owned and I have had a lot less problems with this truck than any other that I have previously owned.

truck name=DT
1999    3500    2WD    MAN    ISB    bought=new
trucks owned:=Chevy    Dodge    Ford    Jeep    Other
why ram:=I have owned a 1992 Ford Diesel, two Chevy diesels (1994 6.5 was most recent), and currently also own a 1995 2500 RAM Cummins 5 spd and a 1999 3500 QC 24V 5spd.  There is no better pickup truck engine made in the Galaxy than the Cummins.  Period.  I bought the engine, it happened to come in a Dodge Truck.  I traded the Ford in on the RAM.  If I still had to have a Crew Cab, I'd have no choice but to buy the Ford Power Stroke.

truck name=ram
1999    2500    4WD    MAN    ISB
trucks owned:=Chevy    Ford
08First Ram=yes
09why ram:=the ram offers a 100000 mile warranty on the engine block and internal components, ford and chevy do not.  the dodge you can feel more torque with, but the ford i have found has a longer stroke, which results in better acceleration, i know my dodge averages about 17 mpg around town, which i am happy with, as for the ford and chevy diesels i am not sure.  but as for the chevy diesel now, i heard the motors aren't as good, but in 2000 they are supposed to be switching to a caterpillar diesel.  im definitely test driving one of them.

1997    1500    4WD    AUTO    5.2V8    bought=used
trucks owned:=Dodge    Ford    Jeep
why ram:=isnt it obvious

truck name=Phantom
1998    1500    ISB    bought=new    (Posted as reported)
trucks owned:=Chevy
why ram:=Wanted a Diesel, not thrilled with previously owned Ford Products and wouldn't even consider Chevy's Diesel.  Also have admired the Dodge Ram since the '94 restyle.

1999    1500    4WD    AUTO    5.9V8    bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge
why ram:=history i had a 96 that i traded for a quad cab

1999   3500   4WD   MAN   ISB   bought=new
trucks owned:=Chevy, Ford, GMC, Jeep
I was in the market for a truck to replace my '86 K2500 Suburban 4x4, which I need to tow my 24' Haulmark Enclosed car trailer (I run in SCCA PRO Rally). It had to be a diesel for fuel economy. My two choices were Ford or Dodge, but I'll first explain why I ruled out GM. We've had two GM 6.2L Diesels and both were a POS. There were nothing but problems and we were lucky to have one of the engines (yes, we had a couple of replacements) last 100K miles! I'm now convinced that a GM gas motor will far outlast their diesel. The "new" 6.5L TD seems to be just as bad with all kinds of EFI problems (probably because GM didn't have Bosch build it, and built it on their own), not to mention the lack of power of the GM diesel. So anyway, this quickly ruled out GM, although for a short time we thought of getting a late model 3500 4x4 with a blown diesel and transplanting a CAT or Cummins diesel ;-) Next choice: Ford or Dodge Both are great trucks, and each have features I like over the other. The new Ford looked good and drove nicely with the new 6-speed and more powerful Powerstroke, but the biggest drawback was that delivery time is averaging 6 - 9 months for the new Super Duty!! I simply couldn't wait that long, so it came down to the Dodge. In all honesty I would be happy with either, but I still like the Dodge a bit more =). Power was nice on both, but I think the Cummins is a bit more reliable after looking at all the Powerstroke TSB's and hearing of coolant leaks and other gremlins.

98   2500   4WD   ISB   bought=new
trucks owned:=Dodge, Ford    First Ram=yes
why ram:=Faster to get than the ford much more motor than the chevy

truck name=goodthing
96   2500   4WD   MAN   12V diesel   bought=used
trucks owned:=Ford   First Ram=yes
why ram:=style, toughness, economy, comfort, tow power.

Complete these:

1997    2500    2WD    AUTO    12V diesel    bought=used
trucks owned:=Chevy    Toyota
why ram:=Chosen for the looks and reputation. I chose the 2500 Ram because of the Cummins. Great engine that I've had excellent service from in the past.

1997   3500    12V diesel     bought=used
trucks owned:=Dodge
why ram:=Love the body style & interior layout.
whytransmission:=Like AT.
why engine:=Towing power; good fuel economy than V8/V10 gas.


Reports From a Few who Bought From the Competition

1999    3500    4WD    MAN    bought=new
trucks owned:=Ford
why FORD:=I bought a 1999 Ford F350 Superduty Supercab 4x4 Dual Rear Wheel Chassis cab. It has the 7.3L Powerstroke turbo intercooled diesel and 6-speed manual.  The Ford is my preference due to familiarity and ergonomics.  The Navistar diesel is superior to the GM, and, at least this year, more powerful than the Cummins.



Last Update: April 1, 1999