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Why Did You Buy Your Ram?


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This started with the idea of making a web page for people trying to decide which truck to buy. Several gas vs. diesel, V8 vs. V10 vs. diesel, 1500 vs 2500 vs. 3500,  2WD vs 4WD debates have raged in newsgroups and mailing lists.   FWIW: I am not compiling this for marketing, advertising, or solicitation. Don't feel obligated to answer everything.   Tell me about your truck:

Does it have a name? 
Model Year           1500  2500 3500
2WD   4WD       Manual  Automatic
V6  5.2V8  5.9V8  V10   12V Diesel  ISB diesel
Bought New Used
Previous Pickup Truck(s) owned - check all that apply
Chevy   Dodge Ford  GMC  International Jeep Toyota Other None
Is this your First Dodge Pickup Yes No

Any comments (good or bad) would be helpful to others contemplating a truck purchase:

Why did you chose the Ram over a competing truck?
Diesel owners: Were there advantages over the Ford or Chevy diesel that influenced your decision to buy the Ram?

What influenced your transmission choice?

I am interested in why you decided to get your engine.  Why a diesel, V6, ,V8, or V10?
If you bought a gas engine and you considered the diesel, what were the deciding factors?
If diesel, what prompted you to buy it instead of a gas V8 or V10.

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