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Why The V10 Engine was Chosen

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V10 8.0L Magnum Gasoline Engine

The diesels are quite a bit more money, i only use the truck when i go camping, boating, vacation's, etc.. I drive it about 10000 miles a year so the extra cost for a diesel couldn't be justified.

I went into the dealership looking for a Cummins.  They didn't have any that I could afford on the lot.  The truck I ended up buying was the last 97 on the lot, it was 2 days after Christmas (1997) and they gave me a SMOKING deal (1997 V10 CC LB SLT 4x4 2500HD for $22K), whereas the cheapest Cummins was a 1998 QC LB 4x4 2500HD for +$35K.  Thirteen grand is a big chunk of cash, so I "settled" for the V10.  I LOVE IT.  However, as soon as DC comes out with a Crew Cab Ram, I'll be trading my V10 in on one of those (with a Cummins).

Bought the V10 for the diesel like torque in a gas engine. Just wish I could get better than 8 mpg.

I have never had a diesel before because of the noise and soot problems. Gas just runs cleaner and though the mileage is not the greatest, it was the best choice for me to be able to keep the power that I needed.



Last Update: 05/11/99