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Why The Diesel Engine was Chosen

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Cummns TurboDiesel 5.9L

I bought a diesel for Low end torque, fuel milage and engine life. Pull with a diesel and then pull with a gas, Then you will understand why the extra money is well spent.

Fuel mileage,long lasting engine, lots of torque

Longevity and economy.

Got the diesel for longevity and mileage. I use the truck to commute 65 miles to work daily and to use as a tow vehicle for a large 13,000 pound fifth wheel. Also use it for getting into remote areas to camp in the Sierras.

The Diesel gets much better fuel economy, thus, for much greater pulling ability, you also burn less fuel.  I have averaged about 22 mpg for the first 100,000 miles on this truck. That is about 4 mpg better than I did with my '91 Dakota w/ V6.  My father, who always gets better mileage than I do in the same vehicle, gets about 18 in his '95 Ram 1500 with the 318.  So, after about 40,000 miles at fuel prices $1 per gallon, the Diesel option is paid for.

I bought the diesel because of Cummins reputation, also the fuel mileage, & longevity.

i decided the cummins diesel for these reasons mileage ,and the power that can be added in about an hour ha ha theres only one problem with my truck the convertor in the trans is to loose wich takes the diesel out of the power range i should have looked into this before i decided on a auto transmission maybe a six speed next time

Diesels have torque.  Very reliable and no performance quirks.  They just run and run.  No tuning, wires, secondary electrical system, etc.  Better mileage.  Heavy duty.  Pulls hard.

I bought the Cummins Diesel for three reasons - not necessarily in order of priority.  The torque curve is perfectly suited to trailer towing.  It has the best fuel economy in the industry.  It is the most reliable PU engine available.  In 120,000 miles my 1995 Dodge has saved me ~$9,000 in fuel cost over an equivently capable gas truck.  It will easily last another 240K miles.  Total projected fuel savings over the life of the truck is $27,000 or a big piece of the cost of a new truck.  A feature!

fuel economy, i know someone with the V10 dodge, around 7 or 8 mpg in town.  i am definitely ahead on that one.

Diesel because I tow 8,000 lb. boat and trailer and truck is also my daily driver, so fuel usage entered into picture.  Having a range of around 600 miles on a tank of fuel is great.

I chose the diesel for the longevity, ease of maintenance (I do all my own), the torque is there when pulling, and great fuel mileage with the 3:54. Also-- it was an ego thing, I love the looks I get folks realize "it's a Cummins!"

I tow about 30K miles a year and needed the fuel economy and longevity. these are very powerful trucks.

I tow an 8700 pound trailer most of the time and gas motors don't get the fuel mileage and won't hold up in the long run