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Check the status of your Dodge truck order
Ram Order Status
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NOTE: I received a report in March of 2002 that this service was discontinued. Your dealership can still check the status of your truck through their computer.

OK, you ordered the truck, now when will you get it???

You will need the VIN number
       Note: your VON (8 digit Vehicle Order Number) will also work..

If you have a VIN

If you do not yet have a VIN, you can try using the 8 digit VON.

If you plan to make several calls as the truck order progresses:

On your second call, ask them for your File Number, they create it after you call the first time. Using this number will speed things up on subsequent calls.


Not Scheduled yet
BB   review by fleet department
BD   special equipment processing
BE   edit error
BG   passed edit n/a for schedule
BGL  edit ok parts unavailable
BX   passed edit available for schedule
C     sub firm
D     firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D1   gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
Assembly Line:
E     frame
F     paint
G     trim
Assembly Completed:
I     built not ok'd
J     built ok'd
JB   shipped to body vendor
JE   emission check
JS   shipped to storage
KZ   released by plant , invoiced
Shipping Status:
KZL  released - not shipped
KZM  first rail departure
KZN   first rail arrival
KZO   delayed/recieved
KZOA plant holds
KZOB  zone/distribution holds
KZOC  carrier delays
KZOD  carrier holds
KZOE  mis-shipped vehicle
KZOF  show/test vehicle
KZOG  damaged vehicle
KZOH   all other reasons
KZT      second rail departure
KZU     second rail arrival
KZX      delivered to dealer
KZY1 - major damage - must not be sold as new
KZY2 - major damage - vehicle sold at auction
ZA        canceled

Railroad tracking - find your Ram after it has been shipped!

Rams built in St. Louis are trucked to Chicago, then put into the Rail system. Vehicles from Mexico are trucked to New Orleans and then shipped by rail to distribution hubs.

Union Pacific RR

Subject: Re: DiRT: Are you waiting for a new Ram?
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 20:53:51 -0700
From: "Terry Keeler" <>

Once you have the train car number I found the information at more accurate and informative.  The Burlington Northern site is good for finding the rail car number if you have the VIN though.  Union Pacific also has maps at that give you some of the strange train station names they use for identifying locations.  If your not at your computer but have access to a phone try 1-800-634-2204 and follow the instructions.  This computerized message will tell you accurately where the train car is, same information as the above internet site.  I followed my truck, which I am going to pick up tomorrow, from St. Louis to Portland using the above.  It finally got to Portland last Thursday morning.  Once your truck leaves the plant don't bother calling the 1-800-992-1997 number at CC unless you just want the rail car number...........

Burlington Northern RR

Mar 20, 2002
I received a note from Michael Schumacher saying that BN had disabled tracking as a security measure following the Sep 11, 2001 terrorist attack. I have left the link in case the railroad decides to allow the public to track shipments. Until then, you will need to contact your dealership and have them do the trace.

Subject: DiRT: Are you waiting for a new Ram?
Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 4:21 AM
From: Charlie Martin <>

If you're waiting anxiously for a new Ram like I might enjoy this link:
Put the last 8 digits of your VIN number in the box and check-off the VIN option.  It will tell you where your vehicle is...if it's been shipped on Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

Charlie Martin
Jupiter, FL


Posted to the TDR Forum

Those of you who have trucks coming East from St. Louis on CXST can follow delivery route on this map , and trace by calling 1-800-235-2352 (select option 1 and you will be asked for the rail car initials. Input rail car letters Example T=T1 corresponding to 1st letter on #8, X=X2. You will then be asked for the rail car number.Input numbers and when asked for equip. initials again, press # key. This will tell you when and where train has arrived, or when and where it has departed for.

Norfolk Southern RR

Trucks shipped to much of the southeast will travel from St. Loius or New Orleans (ams built in Mexico) via Norfolk Southern


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