Denver Off Road Winch Bumper 
 For the Dodge Ram
Constructed of 1/2" aluminum and weighing 150 pounds
Denver Off Road designs HD Aluminum bumpers for Dodge and Ford Pickups. They also stock a large selection of steel winch bumpers and tube bumpers.
Layne and Judi Wright
Denver Off Road, Inc.
10625 W. I-70 Frontage Road N.
Wheatridge, CO 80033
Phone: 303-428-0239


Posted to DiRT by Bill:

If you're interested in a heavy duty bumper that is also lightweight, be sure to check out the Denver Off Road heavy duty aluminum bumper for Dodge Rams. Layne at Denver Off Road has been designing and building custom bumpers for off road vehicles for years. The bumper is constructed of 1/2" and 3/8" welded plate aluminum and weighs less than 140 lbs including the steel mounting brackets. It is powdercoated black and will accommodate winches up to and including the Warn 12,000. The complete bumper assembly is lighter than the Warn 12000 winch, and is as strong as a 1/4" plate steel bumper.
(Not shown in this picture are the shackle mounts for  hi-lift jack lift points that Layne will be adding next week):

If you don't mind me asking how much did the Denver Off Road heavy duty aluminum bumper set you back?

I believe the base price I paid (without shackles, lights, and winch) was $1,350. You can get an exact price by talking to Layne or Judi Wright at Denver Off Road (303-428-0239).

Q: The prozap adds less length to the Ram [than the Denver Off Road Bumper], 5-8" max, and I believe I can still fit in my garage with one.

Actually, the winch dictates how far the bumper sets out from the front of the truck. In my case, (automatic, air conditioning and air charge cooler) the Warn 12000 is about 1/2" from the front of the radiators/cooler assembly. The winch is bolted to the 1/2" front plate of the bumper. Unless the radiator cooler assembly is relocated, the front can't get any shorter. I haven't measured it, but I would be surprised if it protrudes more than 4"-6" over stock. With a smaller winch or no winch, the bumper can be set back further. I think it looks like it sticks out so far because it is designed to maximize the approach angle. With a Four Wheel Camper and 255/85 tires, heighth is the dimension that prevents me from garaging my Ram  :)

Q: But doesn't the DOR bumper have uprights that stick out further than the winch roller plate?

I just went out and measured, the furthest point of the bumper upright extends about 3/4" past the roller fairlead on the Warn 12000. Actually, I prefer it this way. I rather have the bumper be the first point of contact rather than the fairlead. From the front of my grill to the furthest point forward is 10" 

TDR member "pnwradar" installed a Denver OffRoad front bumper on his 2000 2500 QC 4wd Ram.
Larger photos are available at his gallery.


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